Do I have to wear a helmet ?

Yes the Helmet is mandatory in France. All headphones are supplied by quad in

the city and are equipped with a Bluetooth connector to communicate with other

passengers. They are cleaned and sanitized every day.


Who can be a driver ?


Anybody from 16 years old can be a driver and no driven  licence is requiered.



Who can be a passenger ?


Anybody from 10 years old



We have motorcycle insurance with a Civil Liability, which guarantees property

damage up to € 100,000,000 and bodily injury in an unlimited manner.

Nevertheless we cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of the

belongings of our customers.

What happen if its rain?

Paris rain is very often merely drizzle and in no way impedes a tour.

We are equipped and experienced for any downpour ( gloves, poncho, helmet

with goggles). In the event of heavy rain, you can reschedule the tour. For more

information on our conditions and on modifying or cancelling a booking please

see our booking section.

Cancellation policy

Simply send us an e-mail :

– If you cancel five days before the booking, half of the fee is returned (minus

bank fees)

– The fee is forfeit if you cancel within five days of the booking.

Naturally, our tours are dependent on clement weather. In case of rain, you have three choices:
– Put off the tour to another date.
– Go ahead with the tour equipped for rain (for the courageous but fun!).
– Be reimbursed 25% of the deposit.


Nous sommes équipés de Terminaux Bancaire Mobile.

We propose several payment methods:

– By debit or credit card.
– In cash
– Directly on the site in the booking section.
– We are also equipped with card readers

In case of an accident cause by the driver 300€ will be charge straight away in cash or by card by quad in the city.